About Mark

As the first rays of the morning
sun pierce the sky, Mark Cabrera sits quietly, savoring the grandeur of
the stars as they slowly fade into the daylight. To him, the birth of a
new day symbolizes the fresh perspective and limitless possibilities
that each day offers. It’s a fitting metaphor for a man who has always
believed in seizing every opportunity that life presents.

Humble Beginnings

Mark credits his background as a
significant factor in shaping his character and his appreciation for
every moment. Born in the Philippines, he immigrated to the United
States with his family when he was eleven years old. At the tender age
of thirteen, he began working so that he could help his parents make
ends meet. He soon discovered that every job provided him with new
opportunities to learn and advance. Through these experiences, Mark
developed the steadfast belief that he could achieve anything he set his
mind to and the unwavering determination to pursue his dreams.

Hard Work and Determination

Fueled by a burning desire to
live the quintessential American dream, Mark recognized that a college
degree would open up a world of new possibilities. While holding down a
full-time job, he attended the University of Maryland, where he earned a
degree in accounting. He landed a job with a CPA firm, where he
developed his financial expertise. But it didn’t take him long to
realize that he wanted more out of life than a corporate job.

Doing What He Loves

For a man who has always
believed in pushing himself both personally and professionally, real
estate proved to be the perfect fit. Mark embarked on a career that was
totally focused on helping people achieve their ultimate dreams. As a
real estate professional, he blends his knowledge of accounting and
finance with his desire to develop strong personal bonds with his
clients. A man who has always believed in seizing his own opportunities,
he is able to help others seize their investment opportunities.

A Clear Purpose

Mark believes that the most
important part of his work is really getting to know his clients, so
that he can understand their needs as well as their heartfelt desires.
“I’ve always felt that cultivating enduring relationships and making a
positive contribution to the lives of others is what it’s all about,”
says Mark. While his highly sensitive nature allows him to tune-in to
people, his training as an accountant provides him with the expertise to
guide them in making sound real estate investments. With keen market
knowledge and exceptional focus on the details, Mark has become a
trusted advisor to his clients.

Endless Possibilities

Combining his years of experience
as a real estate professional, with his exceptional business acumen,
Mark is constantly evaluating market trends and conditions and
previewing homes to help his clients make informed decisions. Buyers can
rely upon him to identify and evaluate properties that meet their needs
and desires. Sellers trust him to help them maximize their home’s
exposure, appeal and value.

When it comes to buying or
selling in the Greater Washington, D.C. Luxury Market area, it’s
important to work with a real estate professional who’s willing to go
the extra mile to help you Seize Your Dreams Today. Contact Mark for a private consultation.


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